From Anger to Expression:

For the past 5 years, I have navigated the perils of grief. Losing my son, then my grandma less than a year later, has been all too consuming. Here, I cover how to get the pen moving again after such a loss. Starting with a short introduction to the subject of grief.

Grief is a labyrinth of pain, discovery, anger, and love. It is unique to those affected, like a snowflake. It appears to resemble others. But as we know, there are no two exactly alike.

As unique is how you respond and work throu

Pink is not the Villain

Pink is Not the Villain

What is the very first thing you think about when you think of the color pink? A certain indigestion product, a pop star, or a song perhaps? Since I can remember, the color pink represents a girl, a female, the feminine. Since birth, they put you in a box. Even before that- you are blue for boys or pink for girls at the baby shower.

Societal norms say that I should love pink because I am a girl. But I don’t. It was torturous every time they forced me to put on a pretty

Finding Solace in Solitude

If I could take back the time lost, I don’t know that I would. I needed this time. My family needed this time. To slow down, to reflect, to grieve and to heal. The grieving and the healing process are long-term relationships. If you ignore or rush these processes, you will not get rid of them. Much like any other problem, you can’t drink, drug or sleep it away. It’s a dormant volcano waiting to erupt. It lays in wait for the most horribly bad timing to pop up.

The social norms of checking on ea

The Human Cost of the Affordable Housing Crisis: The Struggle To Get Off The Streets - Jay Duran

As A Light in the Night Community Outreach strives to overcome issues related to insufficient storage and insufficient resources, the city of Albuquerque grapples with hurdles in fulfilling legislation for a more comprehensive project.

The Albuquerque Journal recently reported on a plan to introduce a landlord registry aimed at providing valuable insights into the housing crisis. The registry would have shed light on the unethical business practices of landlords who charge exorbitant rents fo

From Disparity to Hope: Our Plan to Build a Better Storage Solution - Jay Duran

In the first half of 2023, we have already faced many obstacles. The storage location for A Light in the Night Community Outreach is no longer a viable option. The storage company has requested that we no longer sort supplies or serve our community from their location. This new restriction has caused a setback in our ability to perform our duties to this community. This leaves us without a permanent solution in the interim.

This is where you, the donors, really become key. Currently, we are rai

I wrote the Governor

And then I got a call from the police

I received an unexpected call from an unknown number that gave me pause. I have Google screen my calls, so I knew it must have been a business professional as they stated that they wished to speak to Mrs. Duran. I quickly answered and was introduced to the Captain of the New Mexico State Police Department.

I was wary of the reasoning behind the call. I didn’t know what to expect of Mr. Captain. I was curious enough, so I humored the man. I quickly realized

The Heartbreak of Losing Our Soon-To-Be-Adopted Baby

A sudden turn of events with a text message that leaves the couple heartbroken and shattered, forced to confront the ashes of a future that never was.

I had just found out that the pregnancy did not take from the last insemination and I was back to the drawing board. It had been a few days since that and I received a text. The text.

Now, this did not come in as a complete shock. It did not surprise me that persons taking part in unprotected sex resulted in pregnancy. That is just biology. But

Tax Help Resources

This topic was one of the hardest to get information on. It still is. I searched through forums and help pages. I searched through Tax software pages and videos. Every state is different, so the information out there again was GENERAL. Ahhhhh!!! There’s that word again. I needed more. I wanted more. I am still learning firsthand what the tax season holds for me. I will, of course, keep you updated. For the mean time here is what I have learned about taxes in NM regarding Sole Pro
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What to do when things go right

We’ve all been there. Broke as a mutha suckin joke. Do you have a plan B? Did you even have a plan A?

Living in the moment is great and all. And as boring a topic as this is, we still have to plan ahead. Now calm down I am not talking about your 401 K and IRA and all that jazz. I am talking about this week, this month. Stretch it even to this year. These are short-term goals. It’s not enough to just start thinking about your goals. Get it down somewhere. Write it in a notebook, a sticky note, a

Nice gals don’t always finish last

I had to write while this was still fresh in my mind. It's almost 3am on Saturday Nov 19th, 2016. I just got home from driving for Lyft and completing a 16 hour day. I worked my normal 8am-5pm job, then I did a block for Grubhub 6-10pm and finally went online for Lyft until about 240am. It was a long ass day, but it was worth it.

Grubhub was a bust. Nobody was tipping much and deliveries were scarce at best. So I flipped on Lyft and was dead for almost an hour. I gave a short ride than cr