The Heartbreak of Losing Our Soon-To-Be-Adopted Baby

A sudden turn of events with a text message that leaves the couple heartbroken and shattered, forced to confront the ashes of a future that never was.

I had just found out that the pregnancy did not take from the last insemination and I was back to the drawing board. It had been a few days since that and I received a text. The text.

Now, this did not come in as a complete shock. It did not surprise me that persons taking part in unprotected sex resulted in pregnancy. That is just biology. But

I wrote the Governor

And then I got a call from the police

I received an unexpected call from an unknown number that gave me pause. I have Google screen my calls, so I knew it must have been a business professional as they stated that they wished to speak to Mrs. Duran. I quickly answered and was introduced to the Captain of the New Mexico State Police Department.

I was wary of the reasoning behind the call. I didn’t know what to expect of Mr. Captain. I was curious enough, so I humored the man. I quickly realized

Nice gals don’t always finish last

I had to write while this was still fresh in my mind. It's almost 3am on Saturday Nov 19th, 2016. I just got home from driving for Lyft and completing a 16 hour day. I worked my normal 8am-5pm job, then I did a block for Grubhub 6-10pm and finally went online for Lyft until about 240am. It was a long ass day, but it was worth it.

Grubhub was a bust. Nobody was tipping much and deliveries were scarce at best. So I flipped on Lyft and was dead for almost an hour. I gave a short ride than cr